Nicky Ellis

Nicky joined VTS in July 2016 and has been responsible for the delivery of training services to retail and hospitality clients, including a focus on Quick Service Restaurants. Prior to [...]

Jackie Heard

Jackie joined VTS in March 2017 and is accountable for delivery of commercial cookery and other hospitality clients. Jackie has significant expertise across restaurant, catering and aged care sectors and [...]

Marita Ratcliff

In addition to her extensive industry experience in Laboratory Science and Business, Marita is a highly-trained and experienced Workplace Health and Safety Officer, ensuring that workplaces meet complex legislative requirements. [...]

Devena Ruwhiu-Christie

Devena Ruwhiu-Christie is a professional hair dresser with years of experience in presentation and transformations in the beauty industry. Devena has worked in retail, fitness, security and government. Devena has [...]