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Project Description


This course is designed to reflect the role of individuals in a variety of entry level administrative and business positions. The duties performed consist of routine tasks using practical skills and fundamental operational knowledge.

Individuals in these roles generally work under direct supervision and Vocational Training Services staff work closely with employers to ensure the training reflects the needs of the business, whilst upskilling students in all areas of the specific unit of competency.

All training is conducted face to face in the workplace including brief workshops monthly/bi-monthly to assess and develop the required skills and knowledge that relates to the qualification.

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. However, Vocational Training Services will address any individual needs throughout the period of training.

Vocational Training Services will provide students with relevant Training Materials.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process involves the collection of relevant evidence to meet the assessment requirements outlined within the qualification. Once the criteria is met, the qualification can be awarded.

The process is not intended to be time-consuming or require a laborious search for historical evidence. Most of the assessment involves direct interview and observation related to your employment and collection of paper-based evidence to support your nomination.

Undertaking this mode of assessment can be advantageous to those candidates who have:

  • Previous industry qualifications
  • Previous incomplete qualifications
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Relevant employment skills

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