Participation (Equity) Program

We believe that training and education is key to creating opportunities and employment pathways for all Australians.

Participation (Equity) Program

VTS is an expert and respected provider of foundational education and training programs to students where typical education and training programs are not effective. Many people have barriers to learning within the mainstream system and we are committed to providing high-quality alternative education and training programs that fully engage and benefit such students.

We primarily focus our efforts in delivering effective programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Youth at Risk target groups that are experiencing these barriers and providing training design and support systems that support students in achieving results.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs have been specifically developed to provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s in achieving their education and training goals – whatever they might be. Our staff are trained in cultural awareness and our courses are tailored to the interests of the students, have a high composition of activity-based learning as well as offering real life working scenarios to enable the students to enter the workforce with knowledge and confidence.

Disengaged youth

VTS are very proud to offer tailored programs young people disengaged from the mainstream education and training system and are seeking genuine alternative options to kickstart their working lives. Similar to the ATSI program, our trainers are dedicated, and have the skills required to identify the needs of the students, and adjust the training delivery accordingly.


In addition to the range of courses and qualifications available through VTS, those registered in our Participation-funded courses may also have access to:

  • Mentors for all students from inception to graduation, to support them with identifying strategies to remain engaged with the program and identify future pathways into jobs or further education and training;
  • Provision of Language, Literacy and Numeracy support
  • Training design to accommodate the unique and distinct culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people;
  • Provision of transport services for young people who may not yet drive or have access to suitable transportation to the course.

Each student across both cohorts, is required to participate in a community based project where they plan, organise, and deliver a project to the community. These projects include – a pamper day for local members, a photo shoot at the location of the students choosing, a gala sports day for a local primary school and much more!


Our team members are dedicated to providing a rewarding education and training experience for our students, and enjoy the opportunity to create positive and lasting relationships with those who participate in our courses.

All team members have demonstrated experience in working with Indigenous communities and youth. This ensures that our training is specifically tailored to meet the needs of students who access our services.

Funded programs

As part of the WA Department of Training and Development Participation Program, we are pleased to offer a range of funded courses to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, and disengaged youth who meet simple eligibility criteria.

If you would like more information, or to find out if you qualify to participate in these courses, please contact us.

We are a nationally recognised training organisation.

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